Centre de recherche en sciences animales de Deschambault (CRSAD)
Over a hundred years old, this beautiful research center is located in a waterfront setting on the north shore of the Saint-Lawrence River 200 km east of Montréal. The research center campus is spread over 1600 acres of land containing research facilities, working farm, greenhouses and 250 honey bee colonies. Research activities are done here in collaboration with Université Laval, Université du Québec à Montréal, McGill University, and various beekeeping associations. The CRSAD honey bee research facility is equipped with modern beekeeping equipment and has an environmentally controlled wintering room.

Bee Museum
Located on the Beaupré coast, 30km east of Quebec City, the BEE MUSEUM is the honey place you should not be missed. To learn all about bees and honey, visit our interpretative center. The MUSÉE DE L’ABEILLE experience is more than just tasting the best honey. Our theme shop is a short vacation, a sweet treat. Visit our gift shop full of beehive products. Taste our honey ice cream, chocolates, candy and snacks. Learn how to recognize several types of honey. Enjoy mead, the nectar of Gods. A great gourmet stop for the whole family.

Intermiel is a large-scale farm that manages the production of 6,000 beehives, runs a 15,000 tap sugar bush and a 600 apple tree orchard. Intermiel is recognized provincially and across North America for the quality and diversity of its products, as well as for its educational visits. Thanks to its agri-tourism orientation, it attracts more than 100,000 visitors a year, of which 15,000 are students from Québec schools. A visit to Intermiel is a feast for all the senses. During your visit, you will try out a beehive opening with a beekeeper in an enchanting garden, you’ll discover how honey is made, and you’ll learn more about the benefits of bee products. The visit will end with a tasting of our delicious gourmet products and our artisanal beverages. Take advantage of nature in the tranquillity of our vast property, have a picnic with family or friends under the trees, and visit our mini-farm to admire and pet our animals.